Discover the POLISPORT R750: A BPA-Free Cycling Water Bottle for the Modern Cyclist

When searching for a high-quality cycling water bottle, the POLISPORT 8646300007 from the R Collection R750 stands out for its blend of design, functionality, and safety. Weighing a mere 79 grams, the R750 competes fiercely in the high-performance cycling bottle market with its ergonomic design. This design allows cyclists to easily hold and use the bottle with just one hand, an invaluable feature during intense rides. The R750 boasts a 750ml capacity, with dimensions of 230 mm in height and 74 mm in diameter, and features a wide opening of 45 mm for easy filling and cleaning.

The bottle is crafted from BPA-free polypropylene, ensuring a safe and soft compression experience for users, while the TPE-made nozzle provides a smooth opening and a high-flow channel, perfectly catering to athletes’ hydration needs during demanding activities. The compliance with food contact standards (Regulation 10/2011) adds an extra layer of assurance regarding its safety.

Available in seven different color combinations, each option comes with a clear scale to quickly check the liquid level, enhancing its practicality. Whether you’re a competitive cyclist or enjoy leisurely rides, the POLISPORT R750 is designed to meet the hydration needs of all types of cyclists, ensuring they stay refreshed in a stylish and safe manner.


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